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I don't understand your reply.... But what I'm getting at is this....

I've been shooting this platform for many years. I've spent an absurd amount of time on the AR related forums over the last 10 years discussing, debating, studying, and even collecting problem data on the AR design.

One thing that is almost never an issue is firing pin protrusion. I may have seen the topic 2 times in the last 10 years, and it wasn't significant enough for the specifics to stick with me. Your Stag is going to be made of parts machined by CMT... A fairly reputable manufacturor who machines parts for many other AR manufacturors. For there to be a firing pin protrusion issue, you'd have to have a dimensionally out of spec bolt or an out of spec firing pin. Both are very rare with good companies like CMT.

If you're not getting pierced primers, or having ignition problems, then I wouldn't be concerned. And even in both of those scenarios, primer protrusion is at the bottom of possible causes.

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