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I wanna chime in here, Wever, I had the same phenomenum in my 7mm rem mag, but what I did was quit trying to shoot those Swift Sirropcco's. I' can't comment on the Barnes but here's what I found in my testing, If a bullet needs that much jump, then there will be potential pressure problems, I also had Hard Bolt Lift with the H4831 while testing 150 grain Swift Sirrocco's, but I tried every powder I could find to make that bullet work in my rifle, and when it came down to it, the rifle wasn't haveing it.
Fortunetly there is friendlier bullet's with every bit the ilk of the Swift bullet like Accubond's and they don't need a gigantic jump as the Swift's do.
And Post # 12 .243winxb, the cratered primer pics look like a problem my 111 has, and I wonder if the firing pin hole is too large.
Thanks for coming!
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