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Given the combinations possible from the SAAMI drawing, yes, that's not out of line (what I tried to say in my earlier post). However, all the pressure signs, especially sticky bolt lift, are unusual with minimum loads. Also confusing that you have a low pressure sign, like protruding primers. They usually happen because primers normally back out under their own pressure when they are fired, but are reseated when the case stretches to push the head back against the breech face. A protruding primer indicates too little pressure to set the head back again. But an ejector or extractor (depending on the design) mark on the case head says the head did go all the way back, even though such marks by themselves are not reliable pressure signs; some brass is just softer these days. Do you have both a mark and a protruding primer at the same time? That would make for a good mystery.

Do you have the bullet comparator inserts for your Hornady adapter head and their LNL Overall Length Gauge? I'm wondering how far off the lands you are seating? A bullet touching the lands can increase pressure.

Some photos might be useful.
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