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I guess I fall into the old fart catagory ( though I don't feel I'm actually there yet... dragging my feet... kicking & screaming )

the only "new" bolt action I've bought lately was a Ruger 77-22 Hornet, that I wanted for a project, 1st thing I did, was replace the barrel... the price of the "nice" bolt guns drops my jaw, & the new Ruger was the same... I really wanted / needed one for my project, otherwise my "new" bolt guns have been old... new to me guns... my latest, an unfired 80's Remington 700 in 35 Whelen, with gorgous wood, ebony tip, jeweled bolt, & several $100.00 less than a new offering... IMO, this is the only way to buy... a couple years ago, I picked up an unfired 100th aniversary of the 30-06 version Remington 700, again, for a couple $100.00 less than a new gun cost...

... back to topic, I guess I'm just not willing to settle for the plastic trigger gaurds, magazine boxes, etc. cheesy wood or plastics ( though I do like a nice laminate stock, & do own a couple all weather stainless / synthetic guns ) I'd rather buy a used "classic looking" rifle, even if it requires rebarreling, or rebedding to get the accuracy I want, than buying the economy offerings...

I'm in need of a .270 right now, & will be scouring the gun shows looking for just that right gun... I doubt I could "pull the trigger" on one of the economy offerings, even though I'm tight on money right now
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