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Look closely at the safety and trigger on the 783. Then look at a pic of the marlin x7. They are the same. Then read the description of the marlin's pro-fire trigger vs. the remington cross-fire trigger. Both user adjustable and will go down to 2.5 lbs. Both have button rifled barrels and use the same barrel nut. Then take into account that a couple of years ago Marlin was bought out by the same company that owns Remington, Freedom Group, and the Marlin plant that produced the x7's was shut down and their operations moved to Remington's plant in Mayfield KY. The quality control of the Marlins suffered as a result. The marlins were still outselling and outperforming the 770s so now it seems Remington has slapped a new-age looking trigger guard and stock with a detachable box magazine on a marlin x7 with a smaller ejection port and called it a Remington model 783. Look for the x7 to be phased out soon and calibers and a stainless model to be added to the 783. Marlin has already dropped the stainless version of the x7. I think you will also find the Marlins that were made before the Remington takeover to be better guns than the "Remlin" x7's or the 783. Remington does not have the quality control that it used to, and its showing.

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