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Shot size for Quail?

Ok so I have my first quail hunt coming up next week and the guy who is taking me said # 8 or 9 shot is best for the range we will be getting most birds, being about the 15 to 20 yard mark with maybe with the odd long shot out to 30 - 35 yards.

I will be using a 12G U/O with 30” barrels and screw in chokes.

I ended up getting Some Federal 7/8 oz in #9 but now looking more into it I'm not sure as a lot of people recommend mainly 7.5 in 1 1/8 oz loads for a 12G so I’m having second thoughts on the light loads I bought.

Do you think #9’s will be ok?
Do you think 7/8 oz is enough shot?

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