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I will share my draw sequence with you. I do a mental 4-count as I do it, and practice frequently to commit to muscle memory.

NOTE: This draw is for typical strong side carry, and works with Weaver or Isosceles stance and "two thumbs forward" grip.

1: Grip.

Strong hand goes to grip. Trigger finger pointing straight down the frame on the outside of the holster so that as the gun clears, it is right where it needs to be, outside the trigger guard. Support hand is held with the palm flat against the stomach, just below the pectoral sternum. This keeps the support hand in a safe place so you don't shoot it on accident.

2: Draw.

Pull the gun straight up from the holster, along the side of your body to the height of the support hand. Finger outside the trigger guard. Support hand stays put.

3: Rotate.

Rotate strong hand to point the muzzle towards the target. Support hand stays put. If neccessary, the gun can be fired from this position. Otherwise, finger stays out of the trigger guard.

4: Extend.

Push the strong hand straight out towards the target, support hand meets the strong hand and completes the combat grip in one smooth motion as the gun is pushed out. During this step, your eyes should be finding the front sight post while the gun is in motion so that they will have a fix on it when you reach full arm extension.

Holstering the gun, I perform the same procedure in reverse. Draw the gun straight back to my side, keeping the muzzle pointed at the target and "dropping off" my support hand as the gun gets to my side. Rotate muzzle down, then insert straight down into holster.

With enough practice, this draw becomes a very fluid and natural motion. It's safe, and acquiring the front sight quickly is very repeatable.

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