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Accuracy against destructive power

Have you fired either in something approaching a tactical situation? Not punching the square range?
If so, I wouldn't post it publicly. I hope you don't mind.

the question I am trying to post here is:
would you prefer the accuracy of a .223 against the destructive power of a 12ga (both semi-autos), given that
- a .223 ovepenetrates less than a .357 Mag with the right ammo;
- a .223 offers 1.700 joule of energy (triples a .45 handgun)
- a 12ga is unbeaten in destructive power at short ranges, offering 5.000 joules (10 times .45)
- a 12ga offers multiple hits with one shot,
- 12ga slugs would surely overpenetrate,
- you cant accurately and selectively shoot bad guys who are close to good guys (which you can with the .223).
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