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Thanks a lot for your time and thought!

You plan to shoot at someone when they are holding a hostage or human shield???

What would you do if an armed criminal enteres your home and stands close to your family members or even directly threatens to kill or hurt them?

Parabellum - Don't know if you caught these threads when I posted them, but they might give an idea of the relative power of the 12 gauge vs. the .223rem cartridge.
Thanks, thats was very good information.

why you would need 43 rounds of .223 for home defense? Hostages?
Excrement happens. Murphy's law.
I already had an intoxicated maniac in my office. He stabbed a businesspartner in the head several times until his knife broke. My businesspartner luckily survived. It took him 7 surgical operations to still not fully recover. I'd rather be prepared if excrement happens again or even worse. The bad guy btw is in a mental institution for indefinite time. He keeps contacting us from his psycho-prison and one day, he will be released...

all I can say is that you'd better have practiced that shot under stress before you play SWAT. I don't think the added accuracy of a .223 rifle would puff out my chest enough to risk killing a member of my family. If it has come to that, it might be time to put your gun down . . .
I do, don't worry. Unfortunately I have a reason to do so (see above). You mention a tough decision. Keep in mind that you give all chances away once you put your gun down. But, that is a very personal and situation-specific decision nobody could answer in advance. What you can think about in advance is, what would be the best alternative and which gun would give you the best chances to choose from.
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