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here is what john farnham a well respected trainer has to say about remington and their great new clinton safty for the 870.the part that worries me is that the new safty cannot be interchanged with the old safty and the fact that you can put it on by accident.

From one of our instructors:

"I finally saw the new Remington 870 locking, crossbolt safety. It uses a
small ‘key' - actually a tiny L-shaped piece of metal that inserts into the
crossbolt in order to turn the safety between one of two positions (‘on' and
‘off'), slightly less than ninety degrees apart.

There are detents which are intended to keep the safety in the desired
position. Unhappily, I was able to easily turn the crossbolt with my fingers
from the unlocked to the locked position, without using the key.

Once in the locked position, you HAVE TO use the key to unlock it. The
detent in the operating (‘off') position is non-locking while the detent in
the disabled (‘on') position is locking! It appears that the new crossbolt
safety is not interchangeable with the old one.

On the copy I examined, the lock could unintentionally engage in the middle
of a fight, immediately rendering the gun useless."

Lesson: The manufacturers are obviously rushing "internal gun locks" into
production so fast that there is no time for adequate testing. Americans are
being asked to "beta test" all these new gimmicks with their lives!
Politicians and manufacturers obviously view us as expendable.

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