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Mr. Donath is a rational man. Your goal is the most important decision. You want to save your family and yourself. Heroism for others puts your family at risk. That's unacceptable.

If you know the tactical literature, you are aware of the case of an LEO who left his little girl to engage several bad guys at the mall. In the course of the fight, one the bad guys shot his child to distract him.

Have you considered that in this attack, the madman isn't that mad and maybe not alone? Perhaps he wants to cause a rush to a choke point for his accomplices.

Also, those of you who want to approach him have little tactical conceptualizations. Distance is your friend. If your approach goes wrong, you are toast.

For those who kneel, you are subject to a trampling mob who is in a fluid state. Bad move. In an excited state, kneeling might be
a fumble.

If you need to take him down, best go for body shots repeatedly. However, if you can get your family safe without engaging - that is your goal.

Gun lists are subject to too much reflexive commandoism. Take Mr. Donath to heart. Easy to be a dead eye shoot when you are typing.
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