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Originally Posted by Forte S+W View Post
Personally, I don't see how mere fractions of a second between shots can have any meaningful impact on the outcome of a gunfight. It's not like the other guy is going to be able to get off any more shots than you within the same time frame once you've both become engaged in the fight, at least not under ordinary circumstances in which nothing happened to delay you from returning fire beyond the time it takes you to get back on target after each shot.
I wasn't referring to you specifically in my closing statements, but rather anyone who feels the need to make such an argument.

You're absolutely right, I have inadvertently gotten sucked into the very argument that I said was a deviation from the topic at hand and thus shouldn't be discussed any further, but seeing as you have already shown no intention of stopping by continuing to argue after the fact, there's no valid reason for me to refrain from throwing in my 2ยข now that the thread has been irrevocably derailed.
Except 0.5 seconds is enough time to get off more shots. For me that's two more shots. For others it's more, for others it's less. Will those two shots matter? I don't know.

What after the fact was I arguing (did I actually personally mention ballistics beforehand besides saying I thought its mention was inevitable)? My comment was on time, not on ballistics. That was you who brought it up, and then I commented on that fact and how I don't think you can discuss the popularity of 10mm without mentioning it (as evidenced by the people who like and dislike the cartridge both bringing up ballistics). It seems to me that the ballistics of 10mm absolutely factor into its popularity. Irrevocably derailed? Oh my.

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