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Originally Posted by nanney1 View Post
Bought a 10mm (Glock 20) at an auction on a whim. Cool pistol at a decent price. I was happy.

Shot it a few times using 180 grain 10mm range ammo and also shot 180 grain .40 through the pistol back to back. Nothing earth shattering with either as the 10mm wasn’t that much hotter than the .40 in the pistol. The 10mm was more expensive than the .40 ammo.

So, I decided to buy some hot Underwood 200 or 220 grain pushing 1,350 FPS. Now, that was hot. You could definitely tell a big difference between that and the regular 10mm range ammo I had shot previously. However, this ammo was much more expensive and not something I would shoot regularly.

And then it dawned on me... I don’t hunt, hike, camp, or reload. So, why did I need a 10mm pistol????

I already owned a Glock 22 in .40 S&W and had determined that regular 10mm wasn’t much different than .40.

So, I sold the Glock 20 for what I had in it. It was fun for a few months and I’m glad I tried it.
Yeah, if you're not out in big creature country, the 10mm isn't the best choice for a pistol caliber, but between a revolver in .41/.44/.45 and the 10mm Glock, the Glock is a lot lighter and holds 10 more rounds.

Only shooting factory ammo in a 10mm is an expensive proposition. It really is a reloader's only cartridge for those looking to shoot the max power stuff, but that's not unlike any of the big bore revolver calibers either.
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