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I'm also talking about self defense. Self defense shootings are typically very short, not long drawn out ordeals. The ability to deliver hits accurately and quickly is, imo, paramount (and no I don't carry 22LR so yes I still factor in ballistics). The longer the fight goes on the more opportunities for your adversary to also manage hits. Couple this with dealing with drawing from concealment and time can very much be a factor. Having quick follow up shots and having a quick and accurate first shot also aren't mutually exclusive. On average most shootings do involve more than one shot.

As for 10mm, I don't ever remember personally saying 9mm was the penultimate choice. What I remember saying is that 0.2-0.0.5 seconds isn't something I consider negligible (the high end of that is two additional shots for me). I also don't think I'm ignorant of ballistics. Strawmen arguments aren't really needed here. If you think the trades are worth it for you then great, I have no personal stake in what you choose for self defense.

By the way, don't look now but you're discussing the effectiveness of the cartridge, as opposed to your prior comments about how we shouldn't. It's the reality of this conversation.

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