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Originally Posted by agtman View Post
When someone finally invents that special crystal ball that can reveal to you, the good guy, all the variables you'll encounter in your upcoming gunfight with the armed bad guy(s) please let me know.

Number of assailants? Distance? Presence (or not) of intermediate barriers?

Exactly, ... but because the variables of an attack by 2-legged predators even in an urban setting cannot be known in advance, the capabilities of the 10mm, in particular its proven ability to penetrate intermediate barriers, gives it a distinct advantage in terms of versatility of use over other 'service cartridges.' It's in that sense that the 10mm is a 'do-all' cartridge.
I agree, 10mm is a versatile do it all cartridge. Want max power for hunting and self defense from dangerous predators? 10mm does that. Want something moderately warm for self defense? 10mm does that. Want something light like .40? 10mm does that. Want it subsonic... you name it and 10mm can do it.

I believe if the military wasn't stuck to the 9mm, they would look at 10mm and have a variety of different 10mm loads for different demands. Maybe even a submachine gun too.

There aren't many submachine guns out there with a bullet that's packing 900 to 1000 ft/lbs at the muzzle.

But for now 10mm is only seeing use with civilians and the drawback to that versatility is factory ammo options for non reloaders.

Years ago when I was adamant I wasn't going to spend the money to get into reloading, I bought the Glock 35 and later the 27 in .40. Today, if I could do it over, I would have gotten the Glock 40 and a 29. The nice thing about the .40 Glocks I got is the switch to 9mm is a simple barrel swap.
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