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Originally Posted by forte S+W
. Wow, has this thread veered off course...

I ask a question about whatever happened to the 10mm Auto's comeback into mainstream popularity as prophesied by numerous writers, but now the thread has devolved into the usual caliber war territory in which the absurd argument is being made that 10mm is no more effective than 9mm.

*sighs* Why can't fans of the 9mm Luger cartridge be satisfied with the fact that it is the most popular cartridge for self-defense/law enforcement worldwide? Why must it be the absolute best cartridge ever for self-defense/law enforcement which renders all other cartridges practically useless? It's an argument that's as absurd as it is pointless.

You wanna know what, you're right! 9mm is the best thing ever, so is whatever vehicle you drive, whatever device that you're typing from, whatever clothes you are wearing, and your dad can totally beat up everyone else's dad. Satisfied? Can we actually return to the topic of the 10mm comeback now or should I go get my tape measure for the next big contest?

I hear you loud and clear. One of the unfortunate aspects of this forum that i have learned is the fact of most all "single" caliber topics will quickly derail into a laptop ballistition commando caliber war. Everyone thinks they are a trajectory scientist. I enjoy handloading and shooting every caliber. I dump on none.
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