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Originally Posted by wild cat mccane View Post
What 10mm bullet construction outperforms HST 9mm for self defense? None. Answer: HST 10mm and so says Federal.

Serious. Don't give me weights and lbs. So what? Answer: Are you seriously making that argument? Fool's errand to try to defend your statement.

There is no 10mm bullet that's doing better expansion, staying within reasonable penetration, and not costing my left leg. Answer: Just plain wrong. See answer to your 1st stupid statement above.

Internet lore.
Once again, your self promoting answer ignores the entire discussion of what the 10mm is best at, that of a hunting pistol. Yes, a thin skinned, weak animal like a human can be brought down with even low powered pistol calibers so your argument for self defense from 2 legged threats has some merit even though it's wrong.

However, you overstate the performance of the 9mm and understate the performance of the 10mm or 45acp to support your wild assertions. But, your argument falls completely apart when we talk about hunting or defense against the very things the 10mm is used for, hunting or defense against thicker skinned and possibly aggressive 4 legged animals.

There muzzle energy matters. There bullet weight matters. There caliber matters. Anyone who seriously believes that a 9mm would make a decent woods gun is either lying or a fool. So, get off your soap box and read the posts here. Think before you post.
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