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How do we have this discussion without dancing around the caliber line war?

For use in self defense against two legged threats not wearing body armor or using effective cover has set the current standard. I think there are some important caveat in that statement and we could argue if that standard is the final correct answer or not but then we dive deeply into the caliber war. The advantage, to me, of 10MM comes when you discuss a "do everything" concealable pistol for hiking in areas where the threat may roam on two legs or four.

But the question ultimately was about the comeback of the 10MM. To me the 10MM has reached a critical mass where practice ammo from "normal" manufacturers is available without costing the same as defensive ammo or forcing the user to reload. I would compare it to the likes of the .45 Super or the .40 Super which are not at that mass. I can reasonably expect to find 10MM firearms and ammunition available without custom ordering them
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