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Shoot 'em, or not?

I just finished reloading 200 .45 ACP on my Lee 1000 progressive. About 160 rounds through while seating a bullet I noticed the case was empty (no powder). Powder was on, so I threw a couple charges and everything measured fine. I recharged the empty case and continued only to notive another empty case less than to rounds later. Now, it's never done this to me before and therefore I've gotten kinda complacent about checking each case for powder. Bottom line is, I wouldn't be surprised to find one in ten of this batch of 200 to be powder-free. I'll worry about why the reloader is skipping charges later. Right now I'm trying to decide whether I want to carefully shoot these 200 and ram out stuck bullets every 10 shots or pull all 200 and start from scratch.
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