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to clarify, I am not looking for the 'best' ammo or load with the most "stopping" power. I am only considering performance benchmarks for comparison.

There has been support for choosing what is most accurate and reliable... marksmanship is most important and I agree this trumps all. I just want to compare calibers by some benchmark, and not to say that one is better than the other. True, I may be over thinking this but that's the fun of it, this is just something I am reading about in my spare time... perhaps I will share what I find here in a nice summary. In the end there is some information I will learn from this and that's all I am after is to learn more.... I guess in my own creative way. Consider all the threads on here comparing grains, types, loads, calibers, etc. all looking for "the best"... I figured the community at large here would have an opinion beyond shot placement, otherwise why would anyone shoot +P?

I have already learned a bit more from some replies to this thread and many thanks to those who contribute. The information on and ballistics101 is informative. In my OP I guessed muzzle energy for a benchmark but ballistics101 highlights penetration which is a good performance benchmark for self defense and hunting.

I've played around with my original spreadsheet a bit more and added a penetration column to compare against other benchmarks like energy. It will take some time, but if I think the results are interesting I will share just keep in mind like most studies they are inconclusive.

Thanks everyone for their replies
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