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performance benchmark for purchased ammo?

Does anyone have a performance benchmark for purchased ammo? If so, how do you measure or define that mark? Are there any web sources already detailing?

What I am after is a benchmark value for performance of each caliber without regard to ammo manufacturer. When I go to a decent gun store to buy ammo, there is often so many boxes, brands offerings to choose from I just want the best. I realize there is a lot of variables here and so its important to be flexible in that, but a simple benchmark would be nice. My guess would be to average the top 3 muzzle energies of your favorite calibers. For example, why buy 45acp with less than 400 ft. lbs. for self defense?

I copy and pasted some muzzle energy data from random manufacturers websites into a spreadsheet, created an average top 3 column, then filtered by alph-numeric... the results were interesting.

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