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Originally Posted by T. O'Heir View Post
Appleseed strikes me as an excellent idea. Even for experienced shooters. Pity our idiot government would frown on it.
Don't think luck is involved. More like, "Have fun.".
I believe their site has all the info you'd need. How much ammo, etc is on there. I think.
Something like Appleseed would be a GREAT idea over here in Singapore, to be honest. I think it could be very easily done with the right coaching and the ability to set up a weapon to each shooter's liking.

The hard part is convincing the right people -_-

One question though -- am I right to assume that targets are always 25m away, and longer distances are simulated by scaling them down? That means only rimfire ammo should be needed, if I have it correct.

But this thread isn't about me. Thanks for the great advice here and have a good one, Spats!

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