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FS(OH): Lyman 5.7x28mm dies with bonus

Yes, for sale ads -are- allowed in this area if it's a handloading related item.
I've got a Lyman 3-die set of 5.7x28mm, Lyman product #7460486
There's good news and there's bad news.

Good News:
--Heckuva score if you are looking for these right now, because I don't know where on this planet you'd find a set. Sure, maybe someone will stumble on one at any given moment but the reality is that stuff is SOLD OUT, I don't need to tell anyone that, but it's the truth. Some searches on Gunbroker saw a couple RCBS two-die 5.7x28 sets going for over two hundred bucks in February--maybe the ultimate peak (thus far) in this particular panic/frenzy. Obviously, that's nutbar. But the good news is that these are here & now.

--these dies are *NEW* in box. Each die has been touched by my hands...twice, I think. Never even been screwed in to any press. No fiddling with adjustments. No boogered set screws. These are pristine and include the Lyman instructions, inspection note date April 23, 2012, wax paper and little reloading stickers that you'll never use.

--Lyman dies do NOT include a shell holder. For your convenience, I'm including a new in package Lee R15 shell holder to load this round...and works for .25 ACP also, for the masochist or small-fingered in the audience.

Bad News:
--Somehow, I got stuck with a Blackhawk! Serpa paddle holster for an FN-5.7 pistol. Worse yet, it's a left-hand holster. Silly thing is either a very dark gray color, or the big bold black color has faded. It's in used condition but appears to be in proper working order. Don't have the pistol any longer, so I can't test it. This is BAD NEWS because you are buying this holster. It doesn't matter if you LOATHE a Serpa or if you hate all left-handed people -- you are stuck with it. Now I can toss it in the trash if ya like (and I won't lose sleep over it!) but it's included in the price of this package.

--The price is not negotiable but it does include shipping to the USA.

Bottom Line:
New in box Lyman 5.7x28 three die set
Lee R15 shell holder, new in package
Used Blackhawk! Serpa left hand paddle holster for FN-5.7 pistol

All this for $60 and I cover the shipping to USA. Shipped outside of the country on your dime.
First PM claims this deal.
Attention Brass rats and other reloaders: I really need .327 Federal Magnum brass, no lot size too small. Tell me what caliber you need and I'll see what I have to swap. PM me and we'll discuss.
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