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Some are afraid of not being armed and a lot of people are afraid of armed criminals, some think we'd be safer with no guns. Okay, here is an idea.

We have national gun licenses, shall issue on completion of a class and background check. That would let you own all non-semi auto firearms. Then if you take a longer safety, proficiency, mental health class/interview you can be issued an M4, but no other full autos, and also own any semi-autos you want, with up to a 30 round magazine, no big 100 rounders any more. Then they could have classes where like say a three man team could get a surplus M60 and other programs like that.

CCW will also be that national license/permit, but you have to go through an intensive class and be qualified to a minimum level of proficiency and knowledge of self defense laws.

The penalties for committing a crime with a gun, stealing a gun, black marketing, etc will be harsh, but not draconian. Just bad enough to make most sane people think twice.

That way all the legal guns will be accounted for, all of them will be secure, unless they are being carried, all the legal carriers will be vetted, we'll have a great national force of non-felons armed with M4s.

Or, we could not do anything, save billions and focus on something actually helpful.

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"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."- Thomas Jefferson
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