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I don't know, I think the part about making currently-owned guns into NFA items is pretty overreaching. As a matter of fact, that particular part may prove to be the poison pill as it will likely lose her the support of people who wouldn't otherwise oppose an AWB because they already own what they want or are hoping to turn profits once it's passed. Likewise, placing such onerous restrictions on firearms that are already legally owned may not sit well with the courts.

I read along with the summary and at first most of it looked like more of the 1994 AWB. Just adding things and changing some rules. But saying that all the semi-autos currently owned have to be registered? The owner has to be fingerprinted? And they can't ever be transferred? That sort of thing will never pass.

But... as was pointed out by others... we have to expect the Left is creating a bargaining position. You start out with more than you can actually expect to pass, that gives you room to "bargain." Drop a few things here and there and then graciously accept "only" getting a reinstatement of the AWB with additional restrictions.

I'm going to keep joining every pro-gun group I can find. The NRA, GOA, and SAF are going to end up doubling or tripling in size before this is done!!

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