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Finnish M39 marked 1967?

Just wondering if someone can tell me what I have here?

A while ago I picked up an M39 off a guy at a show who thought it was a run of the mill 91/30 that someone had modified, (Know what you have people...) I basically stole it. Anyway I was so stoked at getting an M39 for such a great price that I didn't REALLY notice some the markings on it until today when I was rearranging the gun safe.

Barrel and reciever are both marked with serial number 300186 but the magazine is marked 4247.

Also on the reciever is stamped 1967.

Underneath the rear sight is marked 86492.

There are no discernable Russian markings anywhere that I can find but it is a hex receiver.

All around condition is excellent, like I kinda wonder if it was ever actually issued.

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