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Maglight with this bulb

Just bought one of these to try in a Maglite .... amazing, a product that actually works as advertised! I'm buying more of them. They are Nite-Ize LED bulbs for flashlights. The same bulb works in all C & D cell flashlights with 2 to 6 cells. The bulbs actually have a DC-DC converter built in so the light is equally bright with all combinations (the 2 cell is slightly dimmer than the 4 cell is but not much). I did some performance tests that I'll post later (data is at home) but bottom line is for 8 bucks, I really like these bulbs.

Brighter than the Krypton, use a lot less current, and still focus from wide to spot.

Maglites are easily the best lights ever and these bulbs bring the old ones up to the new high power LED level. Very cool.
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