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Ohhh jeez, my apologies. I saw the grip texture and removable magazine and assumed it was also the tactical model. You went with the LRH. Slightly different, comes with it's own brake installed, and the stock is a slightly different forearm contour, and a different bolt handle. The rear of the stock is identical, still has a 20moa rail (or appears to?), and the barrel is of a heavier contour.

I agree with the felt recoil. Compared to other 308s I've shot, this would be the lowest felt recoil I've had. The stock system does help to get a good fit, though I wish it could be a tad longer.

Ah, my apologies on the range news. I am lucky to live 20ish minutes away from a 1000yd range and appx 2 hours or less from the Whittington center. Come out and check it out some time!
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