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Is there a way to purchase actual movie and more importantly TV guns?

Can anyone guess what weapon I would like to purchase?
Oh, yes. They get auctioned off and sold all the time. Just a few months ago, had Will Smith's AR15 from "I Am Legend" and Denzel Washington's Browning Hi-Power from "American Gangster" on sale. When Stembridge Gun Rentals dissolved their assets in 1999, LMO sold off much of their collection.

However, they always cost a bundle because "hero value" is frequently attached to them. If I recall correctly, Will Smith's AR sold for over $10,000. Also, even if you are willing to pay for them, you wouldn't be able to shoot anything besides blanks in them...the barrels are internally threaded and plugged for blank fire, and often other modifications are done that make the guns unable to function with live ammo (for instance, SIG pistols and H&K USPs need the exposed top of the barrel milled down). Seems like kind of a waste to me, unless you're really crazy.
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