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Do you know what brand 1911 Brad Pitt used in Seven, it looked nice and maybe customized. I'm fairly certain the Morgan Freeman was armed with a 4 inch S&W Model 19.
Our page ( has Freeman's revolver down as a Model 15, but I can't confirm that myself as I haven't seen the movie in a while and I didn't work on that page myself.

The person who did work on the page says that it was a Springfield Armory 1911 that was custom-built for the film. Again, I can't confirm that, but we do have screenshots of the 1911 in case you can tell.

If you wish, I will ask IMFDB's armorer to find out what kind of 1911 was used in the movie. Chances are, the gun is probably still floating around in the industry and is hidden in a vault somewhere.
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