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Pictures of screen-used movie guns (from IMFDB)

I am an administrator on the Internet Movie Firearms Database (, and I thought I'd give you guys a heads-up. Recently, our armorer took some photographs of many guns used in movies by famous actors for us after visiting some of his fellow armorers.

These are all real guns converted to blank-fire. He's been taking pictures of movie guns for us for quite some time, but it's only been recently that he started taking pictures of guns that he knows were used in specific movies by specific actors. A few of these guns were already photographed for Long Mountain Outfitters' site (, but in my (admittedly biased) opinion, ours are way better.

I thought I'd share them with y'all. Again, all of these weapons are the actual ones used by the actors in the movies:

This is Bruce Willis' Beretta 92F from the original "Die Hard", also used by Mel Gibson in the first "Lethal Weapon". It has a custom-built extended slide release and magazine release. As you can tell, it's pretty much been beaten to a pulp from years of movie use, so it's now retired to a glass museum case.

This is a Norinco Type 54/Model 213 (Chinese Tokarev copy) used in "Rush Hour":

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