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I dunno. The .280 is not necessarily hindered by low pressure, a quick check seems to indicate that it operates at slightly less pressure than the '06. As you know, the 7 series rifles from Rem all were chambered in'06. And the .270 is only a tad behind both in operating pressue. So the 7 series rifles should handle the .280 easily.

The .280 had a murky start, and has never really had a big following or noted as a successful cartridge. It even had a different names when first released in '57. As the .280 is little more than an '06 case necked to 7mm, I have to wonder if Remington didn't purposely keep it loaded down, so as to not impede (or anticipation of the release of) on the success of the 7mm Mag, which was released just 5 years later, in '62.

All that is speculation on my part, and my source, Wiki, may or may not be right in the figures and dates.
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