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If anyone is interested, I couldn't leave well enough alone and ran the numbers for a 150gr 30-06. The average velocity was 2946 fps and came back with the least amount of recoil. Considering the weighted score, it finished in second, barely passing the 270WSM. I was surprised by that.

The only caveat would be the wind drift @ 400 was quite poor (13.4"). Because the cartridges were generally close in wind drift, I didn't include that in the comparison. Certainly the poor performance would drop the 150gr in the overall standings if I were to add wind drift. I could see myself working up a 150gr load to shoot deer with, but I don't see using it on elk unless it was a Barnes TTSX or similar and I'd likely have to cap it at 300 yards because of velocity requirements.

using published velocities as a base line for your calculations.
Bamaranger, you're not wrong. Unfortunately there's no good way to do that other than buy a rifle, dies, bullets and cases in each caliber and find out actual velocities. The finances don't allow for that, so I had to come up with numbers some how. Averaging maxes from a reputable company that (in theory) loaded each round with the same methodology and loading practices was the best way to deal with the uncertainty in my opinion. Others have mentioned that I could have used numbers from other companies like Hodgdon or Alliant, and they are right. I actually tried to run the numbers using velocities from Hodgdon, but they listed the 280 Rem 150 gr at about 300 fps slower.. so low that it didn't pass the common sense test. After researching, it looks like the 280 is one of the rounds that is hindered by lower pressure because of the Rem 742 couldn't handle it. Of course, that's just what I read on the internet and don't have any way to verify it. I recently bought a chronograph and so far my experience has mirrored yours. My 243 was shooting a particular factory ammo 160 fps slower than advertised and my 30-06 shot Remington factory ammo at 80 fps slower. It was 33* outside, so that probably explains away some of the delta.
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