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Originally Posted by RickB View Post
I just checked seven mags sharing the same follower design, presumably from the same manufacturer, and none has a burr there.
Over the course of the past year or so I've purchased somewhere around two dozen of these magazines mostly from Top Gun Supply and some from Ed Brown. Of these, six had the burr and these all came from EB. However, not all the EB mags had the burr. I suspect I was the lucky guy who managed to get all the ones that QC didn't catch at the manufacturer. No big deal.

These mags are my absolute go-to mags as a result of an exhaustive feeding test I ran a while ago during which I tested every combination of every size and model of 1911 I had on hand, every factory loaded ammo both HP and FMJ from every manufacturer I had on hand, my own handloads, and every magazine from every manufacturer I had on hand. This resulted in literally thousands of rounds being cycled through these mags and pistols over a three day period and a very sore thumb.

These mags proved to be the smoothest feeding of all magazines across every pistol and ammunition combination. Other very well known and highly rated magazines from Tripp, Wilson, CMC, and MecGar did not feed nearly as smoothly. In many instances the feeding cycle with these other mags was quite clunky and hesitant. I'm not saying they didn't feed (in some cases they didn't) just that they were not as smooth.

I had a couple of instances of the slide running home without having activated the slide release, thinking maybe "the burr" was preventing complete slide stop/release engagement in the slide, but it must be something else.
A topic covering all the possible causes of a failure-to-lock-open deserves a thread of its own.
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