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I've been having problems with my 30-06 hunting rifle and have decided I will replace it or rebarrel it.
Cleaning with Carbon Killer 2000 and or Bore Tech Eliminator would likely find its just fouled. Few cleaners get all the carbon out and it builds up.

A 30-06 is good for 8,000 rounds, 20 years of hunting would not do that.

We had a family Sako 270 that my brother (who is a good shot) could not get to shoot. I took it on as a project - while my re-loads did better than factory, the best I could do was 1.5 inches.

It had alwyas been cleaned and oil after use, but that was 50 years of Hoppees (yep 50) and it had a serious carbon build up.

That was the hardest gun I had to clean, layer on layer of carbon (very little copper) . But it took it out, it now shoots 3/4 to 7/8 MOA with a course cross hair hunting scope and the stock trigger (pretty stiff but good for hunting and I was not going to disturb it)

The CK2k is very good on carbon. Bore Tech is very good on copper and decent on carbon.

Drizzle either on a nylon brush, though to the muzzle, drizzle once more (I used an eye dropper) and then 4 strokes , last one out the muzzle, drizzle again, bring all the way out, run a patch through.

After 100 rounds it takes me about 4 cycles with CK2k to clean a gun.

It took me about 2 days off and on to get the Sako clean.
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