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I have three '06s, two M700s and an Eddystone M1917 (for all practical purposes, that's a Remington, too). I'm a hunter, and all my shooting and reloading is for that purpose. I love the '06, it's all I need for the game I hunt, generally it's elk with the '06. Really, I don't need anymore rifles, am at the age where I truly have what I need for firearms.

That being said, and being an old guy, and if I had the inkling and the disposable cash to do it, without a second thought, I'd contact Kenny Jarrett and put in an order for a bare bones Beanfield Rifle in .280 Remington (a.k.a. 7MM-06 and/or the 7MM Express Remington). Wouldn't have another thought about it. I had a Ruger M77 in .280 Rem quite a number of years ago, but had to sell it. Wish I wouldn't have had to...old guy thoughts, nothing more.
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