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My thinking is maybe the die instruction have been around much longer then the cam over press ??? May be why following the die directions when using a pess that cams over puts to much stress on that type of press ??
thinking? may be why? You do not know but if you did you would know the instructions came out at the same time with the press, some presses were sold with both sets of instructions. And then there is your lack of ability to understand the Auto advance press, if the press cams over the ram changes directions and far beyond your paygrade is the automatic transmission, it has forward and reverse thanks to the one way clutch.

Again; I have Piggy Back attachments for the Rock Chucker press, the Piggy back attachment is auto advance. The Piggy Back 11 attachments will not tolerate the ram changing directions.

And then there is JIC as in 'just in case', I have a spare one way clutch. Why would RCBS build an attachment with a one way clutch?

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