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Then subtract .002 or .003, adjust the die down to get that measurement after sizing and you're done. No camming over or any other nonsense required
What does cam over mean to you/everyone ? I always considered it as the press linkage caming over center under pressure/load . I now understand it to mean the press linkage cams over center period regardless if the die and shell holder make contact ?? Is the latter true ? If so all a press manufacture is asking you when asking to cam over is to make sure the press completes a full stroke . I can't think of a more basic thing to understand when reloadding . " set your die and make sure you do a full and complete stoke of the press arm/ram "

I still think people are getting hung up on the technical definition of cam over rather then what that process is intended to accomplish in a press that allows it .

I'd be interested if any of you would be willing to email RCBS and ask about cam over in there presses . If they are designed to do so , if doing so shortens the life of the press and why did they design it that way ? I believe the answer to those questions should solve the debate . I get that some will still believe what they want regardless as to the facts . Those people just lose a little more credibility in my mind . We all have those in life whom we listen intently to and others we just wish they'd stop talking . The latter tend to be those unwilling to learn new things or except change .
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