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Just sent this to Hornady

Originally Posted by MG in email to Hornady
Hi , I have your L-N-L classic single stage press and It's worked as expected , I have no issues with it at this time . Well maybe one thing that is not so much an issue but more of a observation . That is the amount of flex and or deflection the press has when sizing a case . For this conversation I'll stick to the 308 Win case sizing . When adjusting the FL sizing die as suggested by Redding or RCBS the resulting sized case is sized .008+ smaller from head to datum point on the shoulder then I'd like . This results in case head separation on about the third reloading of the case . When I back the die out to get that .002 shoulder bump I'm looking for . The die and shell holder are no longer making contact when the ram is fully raised . If the die and shell holder don't make positive contact at the top of the stroke . My head to datum point measurement variance grows from +/- .001 to +/- .003 . FWIW I've resolved this issue years ago by using Redding competition shell holders .

That all said I'm writing you today to ask about cam over . There seems to be quite a few opinions about cam over from never do it , it puts to much stress on the press , to do it every time it's a must for consistently sized cases . The fact I use the Redding comp shell holders means I do use the cam over method with your press . I have mine set to have enough pressure to ensure the die and shell hold keep in contact through cam over but IMHO not to much to overly stress the press and linkage .

So now to the actual question/s

1) Is your classic single stage press designed to cam over ? Meaning that is what you suggest should happen on every stroke ?

2) If so should the die and shell holder stay in contact with one another through the cam over process ?

3) Why on both 1 & 2

4) Does cam over hurt and or overly stress the press be it the press as a whole or the linkage between the ram and arm ?

5) Can the press be used as designed/properly if you just screw the die down far enough to not allow for cam over ? Meaning the press handle/arm has a solid stop at the top of the stroke ?

Thank you
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