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It’s not going to hurt the press.
I raised the ram on one of the most abused Rock Chucker press in existence today. When the ram hit bottom the handle continued moving and then suddenly and without warning the ram hit the floor. Conveniently my wife was near by so I could use her as an excuse if RCBS argued.

I called RCBS, they said they would send me another one and I got concerned and ask them; "ANOTHER WHAT?" because I was not going to accept a new press. I wanted the (my) same press.

Immediately they said they would sent me another ram with a repair kit, and that is what they did. I did not care if the ram was new and or used. Again, this press was used with other presses like Herter presses etc.

I did replace the handle on one of my Herter presses, my wife hit the handle with her 4 door 68 Bonneville with the 455 cubic inch engine. I tried to lecture her but it was not her that left the handle down.

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