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Even the thick greasy case lubes , think STP oil treatment , that are applied by rolling over a saturated lube pad , are not really that much of a detriment to powder charges. True the cases should be wiped off .
The cases are greasy so handling them leads to greasy fingers and is more messy than anything... I wipe the cases off just so my fingers stay clean.

Wax lubes , like Lee Case Lube , fact you are supposed to let the Lee Case lube dry before you size the case. Ever since I tried the stuff I dumped the greasy kid stuff just because it doesn't need to be removed and it's not messy.
I mix the Lee Case Lube with denatured alcohol , put it in a spray bottle, mist the cases in a small container, shake around and mist again...let them dry and the light wax film just gets rubbed off during reloading with no contamination what so ever !
Try this method some time....clean and non-greasy !

The reason wax gets a pass is because it's just doesn't contaminate .
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