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I will assume JES is a shop who advertises rebore/rerifle as a service offered.

Have you thought about contacting JES and asking him what sort of job he wants to take on,and what it might cost?

You also might check with an outfit like Numrich. Its possible they would have a used lever gun factory barrel in 38-55. You might also Check with Starline...I think they are making .375 Win brass . You might stumble across a lever .375 Win.

I once bought a rough bbl,blank,cut it tapered octagon,and fitted it to a Browning 92.

I also re-stocked it from a blank. A levergun rebarrel includes some forend cap work.I reworked a Win 86 part. You have to hang the mag tube Its not all that hard,but it takes more time than a bolt gun

I'm not a lever gun mechanic.I did not change cartridges.You might study case dimensions.Lever guns are more complex than bolt guns. Feeding from a tube mag requires parts working together with the cartridge. Mag tube and follower diameter,cartridge stops,lifters,bolt face,extractors come to mind.

Finding a 38-55 might be easier.Try a Collector Gun Show,ArmsList,etc….or have fun browsing old gun stores.You might ask the Gun Shop owner. Not all rifles are on display,maybe.

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