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A cold forged or cryogenically stabilized barrel will change very little. The amount of time a cartridge remains in a warm barrel will have a greater effect on grouping if the powder in that cartridge is not temperature stable.

I recently tested this with a hunting rifle at 100 yards. The rifle has guaranteed sub moa accuracy. I shot 3 rounds quickly and they grouped within the guarantee. I let the barrel cool and then shot 5 rounds at a slow rate and the group opened up on the last 3 shots. After letting the barrel cool again I shot 5 rounds but I did not put the cartridge in the chamber until I was ready to shoot. The groups returned to sub moa.

While this test isn't very scientific it has me convinced that accuracy can be affected by the temperature of the powder in the case if the rifle barrel steel was stabilized during production. Today, most all good barrels are stabilized through some means.
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