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The 8.5" BBL gets the 155 grn HST up to 1360fps. From what I understand the 9mm is very similar, past 8.5" velocity gains are SLOW.
That's true--but another 100-150 fps for a pistol bullet is still significant--given their relative ballistic inefficiency and how fast they loose energy. I have a couple of pistol AR builds--very cool and fun and all that--but the attendant gnashing of teeth and pulling out of hair over the brace and transgender changing between pistol and rifle is something to consider. Since I've reached the vaunted state of old fart geezerdom--blowing my hand off by inadvertently reaching out a bit long is a consideration too for favoring a plain Jane 16" carbine.
I screw things up--so you don't have to.
I am NOT an expert--I do not have any formal experience or certification in firearms use or testing; use any information I post at your own risk!

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