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Originally Posted by stagpanther View Post
Most of the pistol caliber industry seems to be settled on the dedicated Glock magazine scenario--in fact I think a high percentage of the BCG's are predicated on the "funky" ejector/rail blade arrangement--so I'm curious how a conventional lower would avoid not needing special (expensive) mods to accommodate for that.
Seems that way, but there's good reason for going with Glock mags. Generally nobody, even non-Glock people, has anything bad to say about Glock mags.

One other advantage to using a magwell adapter over a dedicated pistol AR lower is if you register it as an SBR, you can use a sub 16 inch barrel for pistol calibers. That may make the difference for some people and I'm sure there's a sizeable number of people who have SBR'd lowers.
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