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Could you describe the "teething issues" you had with the 10mm build? I'm down for a 10mm carbine that uses Glock mags, but nobody is making one atm and after building a 9mm AR, I do think the AR makes for a great PCC platform. So good that unless it folds in half like the Kel Tec does, I'm never buying a PCC other than an AR again.

I used the Stern Defense magazine adapter. So, yeah, in total the Anderson lower and adapter ended up costing me an extra $40-50 for the lower, but when all the stripped 9mm lowers are the same price as the Stern adapter I'd rather have a standard lower I can use if I want to build a .223 or .300 BLK in the future.
I bought my parts from Joebob outfitters--so I ended up using a Spartan lower which has the magwell configured for either large frame or small frame Glock mags--which is why I frigged with the 10mm mag to get it it to handle the 9mm bullets. Your approach sounds better to have an adjustable mag well--at least if it's your plan to try multiple calibers.

The "teething issues" for me came down to adjusting the ejector/BC rail blade so that the cartridges fed reliably from the Glock mag. In short, the mag introduces the cartridges at such an angle that if things weren't just right the cartridge would jam at an angle in the chamber. I also bought the last shot bolt hold open configuration--but after destroying a couple of bolt catch levers, not to mention the additional timing issues it introduced to the magazine position, I decided it wasn't worth the hassle and tuned it so that I could manually lock the bolt back but not with the last shot. Shoots pretty much trouble free now--including difficult flatnose or bullets like the extreme penetrator. That's just my experience--I've read other people have had no issues like mine so maybe I just goofed the assembly.

The quick caliber change-out is quite the thing--I'm surprised nobody in the industry hasn't offered this in a practical low-cost package--seems like they are more fixated on forcing you to buy an entire new gun for each caliber.
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