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I've hunted with the 30-06 very little, actually just started with it a few years ago. I've hunted with the 308 a whole lot but never use bullet's heavier than 165 gr. In my 30-06 never below 180gr. Were I to go to Alaska and hunt big bears, I would not buy another rifle, I'd take my 30-06 loaded with 200gr bullet's! For me the advantage in any cartridge is how heavy a bullet they can handle without killing on both ends! I've tried 200gr bullet's in a 308 years ago in Alaska. Didn't have a 30-06 then. Have to say that if I had to use my 308 to hunt big bears, it would not phase me. Just up the bullet weight! Not a 30-06 but then still more than adequate with a good bullet for the game hunted. This of course is to take nothing away from the 30-06! One thing that really needs to be understood about hunting dangerous game is it is not a long range sport. To many people talk about going out and shooting deer and elk ect at long long range. Keep something in mind, you take a shot at the bad bear at those ranges and wound it, some one has to go in after it and it will fight back! I would shoot at a deer or maybe even elk at 300 yds, would not consider that with dangerous animal. For me I'm talking a hundred yds or less. Why? I shoot much better at 100yds than I do at any range much farther! I think prudence being the better part of valor, dangerous game deserves your best shot! 30-06 or even 308 with the right bullet, 200gr or up, is up to the task I'm sure.
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