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I agonized over which hunting rifle to get for almost two years. I wanted something I could use in Alaska if the opportunity ever came up. I did not want a magnum and I wasn't sure which action to choose. I initially chose a Remington 7600 pump gun, but it just felt wonky to me and I sold it shortly thereafter.

But I could have pretty much bought any rifle out there in any caliber I wanted. I was even on the .35 train for awhile, thinking a .35 caliber non-magnum would fit the bill nicely on any game in Alaska but still be viable on the white tails or hogs.

But of all the makes and models of rifles and mind numbing choices of calibers I chose a Browning X-Bolt in .30-06 with iron sights. My reasons for choosing it are that bolt actions are the most robust and simplest of all actions aside from single shots. The .30-06 is very capable on any game in North America, it's affordable and it's available almost everywhere.
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