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ecause we don't have much time to estimate range and hold-over, the flatter shooting the cartridge, the better. Between the .270 and .06, there's a significant difference in trajectory out at 350 yards, so that's why I use it. It may not be quite as good in the woods, but I rarely have any trouble using the .270 there.

I do not have an unkind word to say about the 270.Great cartridge,and it works for you! Carry on.

I just looked at my Nosler book.I'm comparing your 130 gr Ballistic Tip BC .433 MV 3100

The 150 gr Ballistic tip,BC.435 gets a MV of 3000 loaded with IMR4350. from a 30-06.

I don't deny 100 fps is an advantage. I doubt it makes a tremendous difference in max point blank range
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