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My understanding, for whatever it's worth:

Factory loadings for the '06, I know, used to be 50,000 psi. The .308 began life at 55,000 psi. Ergo, basically equal muzzle velocities from 18" to 22" barrels, with 150-grain bullets.

My pet '06 is a Wby Mk V with a 26" barrel and I handload to right at 55,000 psi. The result is an advantage of some 300 ft/sec for me, over the usual .308. A 150-grain bullet at about 3,150 ft/sec.

Seems to me, then, that if you don't handload and you use an off-the-rack bolt gun, the only real difference is the length of the receiver. Performance with 150- and 165-grain bullets is right at the same.
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